Proton AR Hoody

Proton AR Hoody

Proton AR Hoody

Thermally protective, yet highly air permeable layers have been sought after by outdoor users for over a decade in order to keep comfortable while traveling actively in the mountains. Thanks to recent developments in insulations, lining materials, and face textiles, ARC’TERYX proudly introduces an entirely new assortment of revolutionary air permeable insulated garments – using curated, robust material combinations that offer thermal regulation due to their ideal balance of air permeability and insulation. A result of advanced materials research, these new garments provide the wide range of comfort needed for an active layering solution that works in a variety of weather conditions and climates.

“These precise material combinations enable excess heat and humidity to pass through the entire layer for improved thermal regulation when worn as an outer layer,” said Jon Rockefeller, Senior Product Line Manager at ARC’TERYX. “This active air flow encourages faster drying times and promotes breathability when worn under a waterproof / breathable hardshell, allowing active users to stay more comfortable during strenuous physical activity in the harshest alpine environments.”

The new air permeable Proton Collection consists of three jacket styles for men and women (Proton AR Hoody, Proton LT Jacket and Proton LT Hoody), each specifically tuned for alpine, ice/expedition, and rock climbing with technical features and systems intended to maximize personal performance. Each Proton garment features multiple levels of Corelofttm Continuous insulation for warmth, Fortius™ Air 40 on the exterior for wind and water resistance, and a lining constructed of Permeair 20 for effective breathability. The Protons also feature the ARC’TERYX No Slip Zip™ which works like a series of speed bumps keeping the main zipper from self-opening.

Designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders, the Axino/Axina Knicker is a low profile, air permeable, insulated knicker that delivers additional core insulation when used in conjunction with hardshell pants or bibs. Featuring a boot cut fit with elasticized cuff to remain snug against the calf, the Axino/Axina Knicker offer a tantalizing combination of lightweight warmth and next-to-skin comfort for active cold-weather movement.
Durable, warm, and lightweight, these new air permeable insulation garments have been created to withstand the rigors of mountain travel, without compromising comfort or performance.

Available to purchase fall 2016

Proton AR Hoody – SRP 260 Euro
M’s med – 455g/W’s med – 415g

Proton LT Hoody
– SRP 240 Euro
M’s med – 420g/ W’s med – 378g

Proton LT Jacket
– SRP 220 Euro
M’s med – 365g/ W’s med – 355g