Pro Alu III Shovel + Pocket Spike – avalanche shovel

Pala Pro Alu III + Pocket Spike
The updated version of a great classic Ortovox product, the Pro Alu III avalanche shovel has the best weight-to-rigidity ratio possible. Stabilization ribs and high sidewalls give the anodized blade rigidity, while the integrated shaft socket makes it easy to pack. With the new quick-lock, the blade and the fluted telescoping shaft can be put together in one motion. The new T-Grip Pro be inserted for both right and left-handers.

The POCKET SPIKE for ski mountaineering can be tucked away in the backpack or pants pocket (hence the name). The POCKET SPIKE can quickly be retrieved when you’ve only got a few feet to the summit or if you have to cross a steep slope. In two steps, you can affix it to the PRO ALU III shovel handle for added protection. The POCKET SPIKE has two parts: The sharp forged axe head made of AL 7075 T6 and the shaft spike, which replaces the shovel blade. The two parts snap together to form a single piece with no sharp edges and weighing just 95 grams.

Blade: AL 5052 (strain hardened), anodized
Handle: AL 6061 T6 (hardened), Pocket Spike: AL 7075 T6
Weight: 885 g

– T-grip pro with flexible left and right-handed function
– Telescoping handle
– Rapid locking
– Rubberized grip zone
– Groove-shaped handle cross section
– Pack-friendly blade
– Non-slip step grooves
– Rescue sled function
– Sharp, protected cutting edge
– 90° clearing function

Suggested price: 109 €


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