Nomic – ice axe

Nomic ice axe

Nomic ice axe

The NOMIC leashless ice tool allows climbers to ascend ice with the fluidity and freedom of rock climbing. The removable pick weights help to literally propel the pick in the ice. The ergonomic, adjustable grip can be held in multiple ways, opening up new possibilities, without the dreaded pick shift when switching positions. The included ASTRO pick was intricately designed for dry-tooling and hooking on a variety of formations, while still allowing for easy cleaning.

• Molded, ergonomic grip allows for multiple gripping options; grip size can be adjusted to accommodate different hand sizes or glove combinations
• Tool and pick geometry have been carefully studied to reduce pick shift when switching grip positions
• Pick weights help propel the pick for a solid placements in all types of ice. They can be removed to cut down on weight when dry-tooling
• Design of the included ASTRO pick corresponds to the handle’s multiple grips: each grip position corresponds to a specific tooth on the pick for increased holding power and less pick shift
• GRIPTAPE on the upper handle provides better grip and thermal insulation

Weight: 635 g
Height: 48 cm
ASTRO pick included (type B)
Interchangeable pick
Shaft: type T
Made in France
3-year guarantee

CLIPPER leash (U80000)
CASCADE alpinism pick for NOMIC (U21100)

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