Anthea – climbing harness



Lightweight and versatile woman harness, developed for mountaineering, ice climbing and sport climbing.

It presents the following features:
– Belay loop extended and sizes of belt and leg loops specifically designed for female ergonomics.
– New design with an ergonomic lumbar belt, without pressure points that provides excellent load distribution and optimum comfort of use and when sitting in the harness.
– The new adjustable T shaped leg loops to provide an enhanced comfort when sitting in the harness.
– Comfortable mesh3D interior, that ensures excellent breathability and quick drying.
– Equipped with four new adjustable buckles in light alloy, for fast adjustment and an optimum adaptation to the body in various activities (mountaineering, climbing, ice climbing, etc.).
– Four large tapered gear loops for a better allocation of the equipment, and an extra two small gear loops located on the back for placing accessories and two slots to accommodate the carrying-tools carabiners (TRUCK) or hammer holster (HAMMER LODGE).
– Rear loop for the chalk bag.

Weighy size M-L 360 g.

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