Air Tech Evo – ice axe


The new version of the famous Air Tech ice axe. The head, which is hot forged from a single piece of steel, has become an established alpine climbing classic.

The new shaft’s gentle curve just below the head gives greater clearance and makes anchoring easier on any sort of terrain, whilst the lower straight part of the shaft will penetrate into snow with little effort.

Also available with the new Easy Slider, the new hand rest that slides to the top of the shaft when sunk in snow or to the bottom to support hand in traction. The most advanced axe technology, all in under 500 grams! Both Axe and Hammer are the same weight.

– Hot forged single steel piece head
– Gentle curved shaft for easier anchoring and greater clearance
– Also available with hot forged hammer
– Hi-Tech under 500gr
– Available with Easy Slider

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