Jernej Kruder joins Ocun Ambassador team

Slovenian climber Jernej Kruder joins Ocun Ambassador Team

Slovenian climber Jernej Kruder joins Ocun Ambassador Team

Jernej Kruder´s long-term plan is to stay in climbing until he dies. To endure that and still have fun he is used to switching among disciplines. And he´s good at all of them – from bouldering to bigwalls.

Jernej Kruder is known for his powerful and dynamic climbing style. He is capable of sending 8C boulders as well as long endurance routes. He did a number of first ascents up to the grade 9a+ and climbed over 600 routes of 8a or higher. He is an overall winner of 2018 World Cup in bouldering and the only person to repeat Chris Sharma´s famous DWS Es Pontas 9b in Mallorca. He´s not only bouldering and sport climbing but also does trad routes and bigwalls.

Quick questions:

What´s your favorite book? All kind of guidebooks.
Film? Sci-fi movies and of course climbing movies.
Music? Electronic plus a bit of everything.
And your favorite meal/diet? I´m trying not to be picky. And it’s hard for me to say no to beer.
Are you a fulltime climber, or do you have another occupation? Full-time climber, route setter occasionally.
What did you study? Never studying, always climbing.


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