La Sportiva test & feel tour 2015: try the new Genius model and other shoes with the No-Edge technology!


La Sportiva presents the new edition of the test & feel tour aimed at gaining a better understanding of the “climbing shoe”, with a particular focus on the most innovative products with the exclusive No-Edge technology, for climbing “without edges”.

Pietro Dal Pra, climber, tester and product developer for La Sportiva, will be visiting some of the most important Italian climbing gyms to present a number of shoes including the latest edition to the No-edge line: Genius.

A closer look at the the Speedster and Futura models will also help to provide further insight to the motivation that led La Sportiva to develop the “No edge” concept: a revolutionary way of interpreting climbing shoes and climbing itself.

The test and feel tour is much more than just a boot test session, it is a real opportunity to learn the difference between one boot and another and know how to choose a rock climbing shoe, depending on foot morphology, personal taste and the “vertical” demands of each climber.

Gaining greater awareness of the most important item in climbing, can lead to an evolution in climbing itself, which is why we say “test”, and “feel” (feel the rock, feel your foot, feel your own style of climbing) .

Pietro will help participants to “feel” which shoe best meets their needs, from the perspective of performance, for the pleasure of climbing itself, and for the opportunity of improving as climbers.
All this after having analysed each foot and having listened to the demands of each individual participant.

The dates and locations of the meetings, to be held in the afternoon or evening, depending on the gyms:

Tuesday February 17 MILAN, ROCK SPOT 2
With special guests:
• Silvio Reffo
• Jacopo Larcher
• Stafano Ghisolfi
• Barbara Zangerl

Wednesday February 18 TURIN, B-SIDE
Thursday February 19 GENOA, LA SCIORBA
Friday February 20 ROME, VERTICAL PARK
Monday February 23 MACERATA, ARTERISKO
Wednesday February 25 BRESCIA, ROC PALACE

Pietro and La Sportiva look forward to meeting you!
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