Aequilibrium Series: light & fast mountaineering by La Sportiva

La Sportiva launches a totally new line of mountaineering footwear for summer 2021: Aequilibrium Series for fast & light alpinism.

La Sportiva launches a totally new line of mountaineering footwear for summer 2021: Aequilibrium Series for fast & light alpinism.

Balance is the state that makes it possible to control the position and movement of the body in space, a harmonic synthesis between opposite and opposite forces. In the world of technical mountain footwear, the search for the balance between apparently contrasting needs such as comfort and technicality, but also lightweight and durability, is the basis of the daily challenges of a research and development department such as that of La Sportiva, a leading company in the sector of technical mountaineering footwear and clothing since 1928, when the first products that came out of the then small workshop of the shoemaker Narciso Delladio were precisely mountain footwear and boots.

The Trentino company has come a long way since then, anticipating and developing the trends of mountains enthusiasts with innovative, game changing products. Known and appreciated by mountaineers from all over the world for its High-Mountain lines, ultra-technical boots for Himalayan mountaineering seen again this year on the peaks of the historic first winter on K2; Nepal: a series consisting of robust and technical leather products for both mountaineering and working use, and the Trango line, a technical reference for hikers looking for light products with a modern look, La Sportiva launches a totally new line of mountaineering footwear for summer 2021: Aequilibrium Series.

The name of the series itself is a declaration of intent: to perfectly combine the comfort, technicality, lightweight and durability required by modern mountaineering that makes “light & fast” imperative. Aequilibrium was created for use on alpine terrain, for quick and light day trips, for technical passages on stony ground and mixed terrain, and is designed to accompany the mountaineer on the entire route from home to the top thanks to an unprecedented, comfortable fit. “Over the years we have always tried to support and stimulate the rapid evolution of mountaineering – states Lorenzo Delladio CEO La Sportiva – which has progressively shifted from the use of sturdy leather boots in favour of even more performing products in synthetic materials, light but equally sturdy, suitable for day trips from home to the top, passing through very technical sections too where the use of crampons is required. What makes the difference on such products today is the walkability of the product, a feature that combines technicality and comfort. “

Aequilibrium Series consists of 3 products with different degrees of technicality:


A Lightweight high-performance boot with a high-tech gaiter for fast mountaineering on mixed terrain and use at medium altitude. State of the art technical, it is the perfect synthesis between lightweight, comfort and durability


A very versatile ultra-light technical hiking boot: ideal for via ferratas, trekking, glacier crossings and on mixed terrain.


A boot with leather upper for technical hiking, ideal for backpacking and multi-day walks at high altitude.
The heart of the line and technology common to the three models is the construction of the Double Heel ™ that allows unprecedented walkability: the particular geometry with a very pronounced double rear block in fact increases the braking effect on descents and allows for a smoother walk. reducing muscle fatigue. Durability and lightweight coexist in harmony thanks to the sole / midsole package with external shell construction and the super soft internal foam material, which allow perfect cushioning while keeping the product very light.

The innovative Vibram® SpringLug Tech sole offers comfort, adaptability to terrain and performance. This new technology from Vibram is composed of a rubber shell which provides the utmost protection and significant scratch resistance, as well as providing grip and traction. The low-density polyurethane content maximises comfort, and also renders the sole highly adaptable to uneven terrain.

Each component is designed to minimize volumes and make the products very light so that they can be worn even for many hours and in very different situations. Another fundamental element is the 3D Flex System Evo ™ technology, an evolution of the technology that made La Sportiva’s Trango line famous and which allows, thanks to a pre-shaped malleolus, better control of the support and perfect mobility of the ankle All three versions TOP, ST and LT adopt an internal lining with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane. Aequilibrium Top also adds further technicality with the BOA® Fit System lacing system integrated in the gaiter for perfect volume adjustment with one-hand movement.

Whether it’s attempting a one-day climbing record, an FKT (fastest know time), or enjoying an excursion with a versatile product able to accompany us from the car to the top without sacrificing comfort and technicality, the Aequilibrium series is ready to meet the needs of the modern mountaineer. With extreme balance.


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