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Choose the right Karpos Trail Running clothing and concentrate on your performance when mountain running.

Choose the right Karpos Trail Running clothing and concentrate on your performance when mountain running.

On the passes you cover up even before you feel the driving wind of late summer on your skin. In the lower valleys, you take layers off, stripping down to shorts and short sleeves. Not to mention the temperature difference between day and night and the possibility that the sun will disappear and be replaced by violent downpours. How do you manage all these unforeseen events during a race like the Tor des Géants? With preparation, the undisputed champion Franco Collè would answer. Preparation that includes training, a good diet, and choosing the right clothing.

“Clothing plays a critical role in a race like the Tor. It needs to be lightweight but high performance. It needs to provide protection from the elements, even in the most extreme conditions, and it needs to be comfortable. On the trails it’s my second skin, kilometer after kilometer. I have to forget I’m wearing it, to be able to concentrate solely on my performance.”

Having lightweight and versatile garments, easily compactible and made with materials and technologies that can ensure the best performance, is essential when you’re facing a challenge of this magnitude. Running light, knowing you have everything you need (and nothing more), is an advantage for those who choose to tackle the more than 300 kilometers of the Tor.

Our passionate research and development team, in continuous dialogue with our athletes, is constantly working to create garments with features designed specifically to meet runners’ needs — from the Lavaredo Rain Jacket’s chest zippers, which allow easy access to water bottles on your backpack shoulder straps, to the side pockets for gel on the Lavaredo Tech Tight, to the versatility of the Lavaredo Glove, which always provides the necessary warmth and wind protection.

The right jacket can shield you from wind and rain; a well-fitting pant can make even the first minutes of running enjoyable, when the muscles are still cold; and a glove that’s suitable for the conditions can provide the right amount of protection from both cold and wind. Check out our highest-performance products — Franco Collè’s favorites. They’re the lightest and most compactible, so you almost forget you have them with you … at least until the moment you need them.

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