Rock Slave T-SHART Art series

Rockslave T-shart, by Andrea Tarli

Rockslave T-shart, by Andrea Tarli

T-shart marks the start of a new collaboration between Rock Slave and the art world. It is a series of joint projects that stress how climbing can go hand in hand with art and with everything that is a source of expression. If illustrators interpret their worlds on a sheet of paper, in the same way, climbers express themselves on a piece of rock or a vertical surface.

Climbing, like drawing, can take different forms of unique expression.

Every year an artist will give a personal representation of the Rock Slave universe with a work that takes shape on a T-shirt.

This year, Ascoli artist, Andrea Tarli interprets a subject that has always characterised the Rock Slave philosophy: exploration, discovery and the quest for new worlds in which to express climbing. Our journey has left the ground and people behind it…

T-Shart Man T-Shart Woman Recommended retail price: € 29

VIDEO INTW – The world of Rock Slave through the eyes of the artist.
In this interview, Andrea Tarli talks about his approach to drawing, explaining how this expression can become a weapon with which to defend the things we love.

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