Ferrino and the Greatest Italian Treks

Ferrino and the Greatest Italian Treks, Selvaggio Blu, Sardinia

Ferrino and the Greatest Italian Treks, Selvaggio Blu, Sardinia

Ferrino presents “Greatest Italian Treks” (#FerrinoGreatestTreks), a popular project focused on some of the most beautiful trekking sites in Italy.

A dive into the most beautiful scenery and landscapes closely linked to the culture of the territory – just like Ferrino.
“Greatest Italian Treks” is the new project that sees the company work alongside the most active local organisations, supporting them not only with the most suitable products to address every type of situation, but also providing an important help in the promotion of short-distance tourism.

From this spring, blog and Ferrino social channels are invaluable sources of information on the first selected trek- king routes: stages, equipment and on-site references to help you take off on the first stage of the “Greatest Italian Treks” project, the Selvaggio Blu, in the municipality of Baunei, Sardinia.

Tips, interesting facts, landmarks, stories and images will be easily available on the web with the hashtag #Ferrino- GreatestTreks.
Selvaggio Blu is considered one of the most beautiful and challenging trekking sites in Italy, where the blue sea and the harshness of the Sardinian mountains meet, forming landscapes unlike any other in the world.

Taking on the challenge of this route alone is practically impossible because of the almost total lack of water on the way. Getting lost between the cliffs, landslides and junipers is a common routine, but the reward of a swim at the end of the day makes you forget all your efforts.
Mediterranean maquis, turquoise sea, goats and junipers: the soul of Sardinia in 50 km!

As our partner for this first stage we have chosen Explorando Supramonte (www.trekkingbaunei.it) and their guides (including important logistics organisers) with their decade-long experience and unstoppable passion for their land. Along with them Ferrino will accompany you through a unique and unforgettable land with a savage and genuine style.

Refer to our pages to find out everything about Selvaggio Blu and its fascinating and uncontaminated nature.

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