Ferrino and ENSA, a winning roped party!

Ferrino and ENSA, a winning roped party!

Ferrino and ENSA, a winning roped party!

Thanks to the agreement with ENSA school and CNSAS, Ferrino connects his R&D activities with important mountain’s professionals knowledge that means really excellence products to consumers.

ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme) was born in France in 1943, it’s a public body, internationally and historically recognized, located under the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Ensa’s mission is to train all the mountain experts, during this training the study of technical gear and the “best available products on the market” is a main part of the academic program.

The twenty years collaboration between Ferrino and ENSA-Mountain and Alpinism Division ensure important tests “on the field” where Ferrino products are checked by mountain experts in order to collect useful feedbacks for products improvements.

These tests, realized by people that deeply live the mountains, became synonymous of innovation and hight products quality.
Ferrino equips ENSA with backpacks like the Triolet 48+5, an alpinist-oriented model resistant and versatile, and the Lynx 30, very light and dedicated to ski mountaineering.

Ferrino stipulates numerous partnership with different recognized entities, like the one born in 1998 with the CNSAS (National Body for Alpine Speleological Rescue). Born in 1954, the NSAS is now composed by about 7.000 operators spread in all the Italian territory and which represents the highest evolution of Alpine Rescue.

The development of unique projects able to satisfy the technical needs of mountain experts and professionals permit to create backpacks like the Guardian 50, that is furnished to specialists and doctors of hely rescue in Val d’Aosta region.

The heart of Ferrino, leader enterprise in the outdoor sector from 146 years, is the Research & Development Department, a no-walls laboratory whose geographical limits extends to crests, canals, peaks, glaciers and allows to develop unique, innovative and high quality projects.

Find out more about the partnership on www.ferrino.it

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