Zamberlan - the best leather mountain boots and shoes

Zamberlan – the best leather mountain boots and shoes

Zamberlan is committed to the creation of distinctive mountain boots and is one of the most reliable producer and designer in the mountain footwear manufacturing industry.

In 1929 Giuseppe Zamberlan, the company’s founder, driven by his big passion for his local mountain range, the Piccole Dolomiti, took the traditional Italian craft of shoes and applied modern manufacturing methods to make a commercially viable footwear production – without sacrificing the benefits inherent in hand made techniques.

Emilio, son of Giuseppe, continued his father’s work in directing the company towards foreign markets. The superb quality of the boots produced quickly made them a favorite in the domestic market and wider Europe. Marco and Maria Zamberlan, the third generation, took the product to America in 1992 and established a national distribution centre in San Diego, CA.

Obtaining an excellent return in the European and American market, Zamberlan is currently poised to consolidate its global distribution and make inroads into new markets.
The company exports more than 90% of its production world-wide. Its international presence reaches more than 45 countries worldwide.

Handmade Philosophy

Zamberlan takes an artisan approach to every product. We imagine it, we think about it, we study it, we try it and then we produce it. We take particular care because each product is made by our own hands in our company in Pievebelvicino where we can easily and quickly wear the product on our own feet to try it out in the Dolomites
We carefully choose the leather that we use because it must adapt to the foot and protect it whilst feeling natural, like a second skin that breathes and performs during adventures and that matures over time.

Technical innovations are professionally studied using our profound knowledge of the terrain around us, the morphology of the foot and the different approaches one can have towards the mountains. Many of Zamberlan’s inventions have been patented and are much appreciated in the world of technical footwear.

Handmade is our personal philosophy and a way of life to us. It’s also the lifestyle of those who live life in the first person enjoying their time, open spaces, journeys and sentiments, details that are part of our artisan mentality and are never hurried, delegated or substituted. Handmade is therefore our lifestyle, a way of thinking and living that unites Zamberlan with its customers and is in stark contrast to the indifferent, superficial and mass-produced industries.

Our values

• Unhurried Excellence: our main objective is to manufacture extraordinarily well-made, beautiful products that are made to last.
• Respect, don’t waste: because we love and take care of the mountains, our territory, our work and the future.
• Time, express yourself: we take our time with our products, they are not mass produced. We like to think that our customers using our footwear savours time and not just a destination, the journey and not just the arrival.
• Experience, to be yourself: the company characteristics that we inherited ensure that our mountain footwear is consciously handmade. Each product is a representation of what we believe in.
• Innovation, for passion: just one of our drives is the development of technically evolved products and innovative solutions that interpret diverse approaches to the mountains.


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