A company that sprang from a moment of intuition.
Turin, 1870: in his paint shop, Cesare Ferrino experiments with the first industrial process for producing waxed fabrics. Fiat chooses them for its car hoods and the Italian army selects them for its military tents. Naturally, the features of these fabrics win over mountaineers and explorers: Ferrino becomes synonymous with outdoor sports.

Quality is never a mere detail.
Ferrino products are the result of unceasing technological research, meticulous field tests, and of our ability to listen to those who use our products: testers and customers, all this with a sense of craftsmanship and Italian style which makes every product a product you can be proud of.

Quality isn’t just guaranteed – it’s certified.
Ferrino has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees 100% quality from design to production. This is something we’re proud of and it’s an extra guarantee for our customers.

Limitless outdoor sports.
Distributed in approximately 1,200 points of sale in Italy, Ferrino also operates in many foreign markets with export figures that account for 50% of its production.

Pushing beyond the boundaries is in our DNA.
Experimenting, innovating, opening up new routes: these have always been the characteristics of our brand, as shown by the conquests and achievements that have made history, in the past and present, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the Ferrino and Rabajoli families, who joined forces in the 1970s.

HighLab: we’ll go through hell and high water for you.
HighLab is the jewel in the crown of Ferrino production: a range that springs from “impossible” field tests done in the most inhospitable places on the planet. Its extremely high quality is proof of this, but you can put it to the test yourself.

Ready for anything.
For over 50 years, Ferrino has been supplying tents and accessories to governmental and humanitarian organizations working across the globe. These include the United Nations, Caritas, the Italian civil defense association, and the CNSAS national Alpine rescue organization.

Code of conduct
Applied to Ferrino’s relationship with its suppliers in order to safeguard workers and working conditions.
For many years, Ferrino has taken preventative action in order to avoid the risk of creating situations where child labor is exploited. Although situations of this kind have never arisen within the company, Ferrino builds upon its credibility and the trust placed in it by its customers as an upstanding firm, sensitive to problems related to the sustainable development of underdeveloped countries, and requires its suppliers to sign and adhere to a self-regulating agreement that prohibits the use of laborers under the age of 15, as established by the International Labour Organization’s convention no. 138 issued in Brussels on September 22, 1997. This convention calls for a Code of Conduct that prohibits hard labor and the hiring of children under the age of 15. It also prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, religion, political beliefs, or social status, and guarantees the right of workers to set up labor unions and organizations.

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