Devold of Norway AS is an independent company with a long and proud history. We have produced high-quality wool clothing since 1853, which makes Devold of Norway one of the oldest manufacturers of knitted garments i Europe. Our aim is the same today as when Ole Andreas Devold founded the company 160 years ago: to create comfortable, high-quality clothing that protects people against the elements.

Devold of Norway serves two different markets, offering sports & leisure wear and protective clothing. Our goal is to maintain our renowned product quality, which is the result of a long tradition of craftsmanship combined with the best available technology, while continuing to develop new functional garments of appealing design.

Devold® sports and leisure wear comprises a wide range of comfortable wool underwear, socks, headwear, various types of mid-layer garments and knitted sweaters.

Within protective clothing we supply underwear, mid-layer garments, socks and accessories. All designed to protect users against cold, heat and flames.

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