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Petzl technical drawings on

The collaborative website, which provides free information on mountain trails and climbing route conditions, has just enriched its technical documentation with the online publication of 21 technical updates, provided by Petzl.

Accidentology of mountain sports with Petzl Foundation

Since 2012, the Petzl Foundation has funded research into mountain sport accidents. Our long-term aim is to improve prevention. Due to the lack of accurate information and the absence of communication, several social science research laboratories have joined forces to launch an international study related to mountain sport accidents. A first research report was published in December 2014.

Petzl headlamps: a tale of quality

From Petzl headlamp design through production, quality is the centerpiece of Petzl’s approach. Take a few minutes to meet the key stakeholders in…

Petzl is committed to product quality and reliability!

At Petzl, user safety is our number one priority. Join world-class rock climber Nina Caprez as she takes you on a comprehensive tour of the company. From research and development to the production line, learn more about the role everyone plays to ensure product quality and reliability as well as the stakes involved.