News: Ferrino

Ferrino and ENSA, a winning roped party!

Thanks to the agreement with ENSA school and CNSAS, Ferrino connects his R&D activities with important mountain’s professionals knowledge that means really excellence products to consumers.

Maybe, following the Snowleopard

A brief documentary conceived and produced by Pillow Lab ( in collaboration with Ferrino ( and Cébé (, which tells the story of the Piedmontese mountaineer Carlalberto ‘Cala’ Cimenti and his experience in the wild territory of the ex-Soviet Union.

Rock Slave T-SHART Art series

T-shart marks the start of a new collaboration between Rock Slave and the art world. This year, Ascoli artist, Andrea Tarli interprets a subject that has always characterised the Rock Slave philosophy: exploration, discovery and the quest for new worlds in which to express climbing.

Ferrino Safe Collection

Ferrino gives the maximum level of importance to the theme of the consequences suffered from burial under an avalanche, so much so, that in 2009, it was the first company in Europe to invest in a new airbag system integrated into a backpack, permitting users to float out of the avalanche. In 2012 the collection was enlarged by the addition of a respiration system for avalanche victims.