News: Ferrino

On the trail of the glacier

Ferrino is supporting a scientific and photographic project on climate change. “Observing the changes in the glaciers won’t stop them from melting, but…

Ferrino and ENSA, a winning roped party!

Thanks to the agreement with ENSA school and CNSAS, Ferrino connects his R&D activities with important mountain’s professionals knowledge that means really excellence products to consumers.

Maybe, following the Snowleopard

A brief documentary conceived and produced by Pillow Lab ( in collaboration with Ferrino ( and Cébé (, which tells the story of the Piedmontese mountaineer Carlalberto ‘Cala’ Cimenti and his experience in the wild territory of the ex-Soviet Union.

Rock Slave T-SHART Art series

T-shart marks the start of a new collaboration between Rock Slave and the art world. This year, Ascoli artist, Andrea Tarli interprets a subject that has always characterised the Rock Slave philosophy: exploration, discovery and the quest for new worlds in which to express climbing.