Products: AKU

La Val GTX, trekking shoe

Extremely versatile and comfortable model for walking along valley bottoms or easy paths at mid mountain height.

Alterra GTX

Versatile trekking model, designed for medium difficulty and duration trekking over mixed terrain.

Yatumine GTX

Technical semi crampon-compatible footwear for mountaineering and dynamic activities in the mountains.

Montagnard GTX

A shoe designed for classic mountaineering on glaciers and icefalls.

Superalp GTX

Top range comfort and protection with the Superalp GTX. The model is designed for true backpackers who prefer long distances, preferably alone and…

Terrealte GTX

The Terrealte GTX, where “Terre Alte” means high lands, already anticipate with their name the range of utilization of this new model in…