Martin Žumer in Karakoram dreaming to climb Latok I north ridge


For this reason, Martin and his 3 young Slovenian mates have also other targets: they will decide what to climb only at the foot of the mountains. In case of good conditions, they will attempt Latok I; otherwise they will climb one of the other peaks of the Choktoi basin, like Ogre II (6969 m) or many major mountains that offer exciting possibilities.

We are sure that the expedition will be a great adventure: the team is really super strong and the mountains are amazing. But the main target – guys say – is to come back healthy, in good friendly relation and full of new experiences. Žumer and mates are ready for this super challenge: they are resolute and psyched up because in Karakoram the mind is equally important than the physical condition. So we wish them to stay strong and to complete the most coveted Karakoram climb!

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