Come to Melloblocco and enjoy our events!

Melloblocco 2016

Melloblocco 2016

Melloblocco is ready to start! The international bouldering meeting will take place from 5th to 8th May 2016 in the magic setting of Val Masino, in the heart of the Alps. As always, CAMP and CASSIN will be there with exciting games and special events!

CHALK STATION – Visit CASSIN stand and try your luck to fill your chalk bag! It’s enough to like the new CAMP-CASSIN Facebook page, to put your hand in the giant chalk bag and find the orange carabiner. If you are lucky, finding it on the first try, you can fill your chalk bag!

CASSIN BLOCK – Climb the CASSIN boulder and win a climbing day with Cristian Brenna! A judge will be present at the CASSIN block (Visido area, Tetto di Filorera sector, Ultimi raggi block, Il perno passage, grade 6A+) on Saturday 7th May from 11 am to 5 pm. Among all competitors that complete the boulder, CASSIN team will draw the winner of a climbing day with Cristian Brenna. A photographer will make an amazing shooting of the day! The winner will be communicated on Sunday 8th May during Melloblocco award ceremony. Cristian and the winner will decide together the route and the date of their climb.

STEFANO GHISOLFI – Show of “Lapsus”, the video of the first Italian 9b route got by Steano Ghisolfi. Come to the gym of Centro Polifunzionale on Friday 7th May at 9.45 pm and enjoy the amazing video about one of the best 2015 climbing achievements!

MEETINGS WITH KELIOS BONETTI – Kelios Bonetti MD, PHD orthopedic and traumatology, is a great expert in climbing pathology. Thanks to CAMP he will be at Melloblocco to present some interesting meetings at the gym of Centro Polifunzionale. Here’s the program. Friday 6th May, 5.30 and 6 pm: “Hand warming-up based on biomechanic approach. A usuful tool to prevent climbig injuries” and “Not enough skin? A physiological approach to have more skin”. Saturday 7th May, 6 and 6.30 pm: “Preventing the more common climbing pathology with yoga” and “Change hand Grip tecnique: the only means to prevent accidents and recurrence of pulley lesions. Technique, tactics and tools”. Kelios Bonetti will participate also at “Getting around climbing” seminary that is scheduled on Friday May 7th at 6.30 pm at the 1st floor of Centro Polifunzionale.

MATIK TEST – Do you want to know the new CAMP Matik belay-descender device? Come to Sasso Remenno on Saturday 7th May and test the Matik discovering its innovative features!

RED CHILI TEST – Come to Red Chili stand, choose a pair of climbing shoes and test them on your favorite routes and boulders!

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