C.A.M.P. staff visited Expo 2015

C.A.M.P. staff visit Expo 2015

C.A.M.P. staff visit Expo 2015

More than 40 people from C.A.M.P. staff took part in the last days at the official company visit at Expo 2015 in Milan. Visiting Expo, they felt the same international atmosphere that is typical of C.A.M.P. headquarters in Premana, in the Central Alps, 90 kilometers from Milan.

In fact, the 126 years old company deals its products in 80 countries of the world, constantly increasing its outdoor and safety export quotas. In the last years C.A.M.P. has reached several new important Asian and African countries as UAE, Egypt and Ghana: it was exciting for staff to meet them at Expo discovering their geographical, natural and cultural distinctive features. More, it was a really good surprise to discover CAMP Safety products also in some of Expo pavilions.

Expo 2015 allowed C.A.M.P. to see these countries in a different point of view, confirming the forcefulness of our philosophy that is based on an more and more significant world presence without forgetting our roots and peculiarities.

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