CAMP athletes dominated ski-alp Italian Championships

Robert Antonioli © Carlo Ceola Pegaso Media

Robert Antonioli © Carlo Ceola Pegaso Media

CAMP athletes are always over the top! Robert Antonioli, Michele Boscacci & Co dominated 2016 Skialp Italian Championships, that took place in the last weekend in Madonna di Campiglio, Trentino.

The event started with the Sprint race, where Antonioli got the first place, Boscacci the second and Federico Nicolini the fourth. Good race also by Manfred Reichegger (sixth place) and Matteo Eydallin (eighth place). Elena Nicolini won the women race, Martina Valmassoi was fourth and Alessandra Cazzanlli was eighth. Davide Magnini got the second place in the Junior category.

Robert Antonioli and Michele Boscacci gained the first place in the Relay, where Federico Nicolini & Co was second and Matteo Eydallin and Manfred Reichegger third. Good race also by Filippo Beccari, that got the fourth place. Martina Valmassoi and Elena Nicolini teams were respectively first and fourth in the women race. We highlight also Franco Nicolini and Omar Oprandi success in the Master category.

CAMP athletes gained all Vertical race medals: gold for Michele Boscacci, silver for Robert Antonioli and bronze for Lorenzo Holzknecht. Federico Nicolini gained the sixth absolute place (second in the Espoir category), Pietro Lanfranchi was seventh and Manfred Reichegger eighth. Concerning women, Katia Tomatis and Elena Nicolini got respectively silver and bronze medals and Martin Valmassoi was sixth. Eventually, Davide Magnini won the Junior race and Omar Oprandi was second in the Master.

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Photo credits: (Carlo Ceola e Pegaso Media)

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