Alpine Line Project: Yann Borgnet and Yoann Joly visited C.A.M.P. head quarters in Premana


In the last days, the two C.A.M.P. athletes visited company headquarter in Premana, close to Lecco in the Central Alps, to see how their mountaineering gear is designed and manufactured. Yann and Yoann were coming from Piz Badile, where they climbed the Route of flowers on the northeast face, and from Piz Cengalo, where they repeated the classic Vinci ridge together with C.A.M.P. Sales Manager and alpinist Marco Gianola.

Borgnet and Joly met C.A.M.P. president Eddy Codega to know everything about the 126 years history of the company. They visited the R&D (Research & Development) Center and the manufacturing facility where craftsmen continue to realize ice axes, crampons and other products that Yann and Yoann are severely testing in the Alpine Line Project. «I use CAMP products since I was a child – Borgnet said – and it has been really interesting and exciting to meet the engineers that design them, see prototypes of new products, feel the heat of just forged ice axes and watch the super care assembly of Matik belay devices!».

After their visit, Yann and Yoann left from Premana to the heart of the Retic Alps where, despite poor weather, they managed to complete the whole traverse Roseg-Scerscen-Bernina: a really challenging 5 kilometers ridge in the kingdom of the most eastern 4000er of the Alps. In their previous adventures Borgnet and Joly appreciated the X-Dream and X-All Mountain ice axes but on Bernina they decided to test the new X-Light, making us proud and happy by their simple but significant opinion: «The X-Light is really a super ice axe!».

The Alpine Line Project moves now to the Dolomites and to the Julian Alps: the final step of this unique traverse that you can follow visiting the Facebook page

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