Alpin and Bergsteiger magazines tested and awarded CAMP via ferrata lanyard

I set ferrata CAMP conquistano gli esperti tedeschi: le autorevoli riviste specializzate Alpin e Bergsteiger hanno recentemente premiato il Vortex Rewind Pro e il Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro

The German magazines Alpin and Bergsteiger tested and awarded the CAMP via ferrata lanyards Vortex Rewind Pro and Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro

Summer is a great season for via ferrata enthusiasts… but pay attention: on equipped paths it’s essential to use helmet, harness, and a specific via ferrata lanyard. The perpetual drive for innovation at C.A.M.P. results also in the most efficient systems for via ferrata – like the patented Gyro that prevents lanyards twisting and tangling – and in the new products designed in compliance with safety requirements fixed by the new review of the EN 958 standard that went into effect in early 2017.

It’s also for these reasons that CAMP via ferrata lanyards continue to have great success in Germany, where authoritative Alpin and Bergsteiger magazines have recently focused on via ferrata sets by testing some models and assigning awards to our Vortex Rewind Pro (Allround-Tipp award by Alpin) and Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro (Bergsteiger Testsieger for its amazing functionality).

Via ferrata lanyard


Alpin suggests the via ferrata set Vortex Rewind Pro due to the great features of the ergonomic Horai carabiners, the precise rewind webbing lanyards construction, the low weight (520 grams) and the interesting price. Bergsteiger testers appreciated very much the Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro due the Horai carabiners and the Gyro system, that was found the best anti-tangling system available on the market.

The Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro was tested and positively reviewed also by website (Austria), that highlighted its main features – the Horai carabiners and the Gyro system, of course – in a video that is available here:


All these authoritative good opinions confirm the great attention that C.A.M.P. have for via ferrata enthusiasts: thousands of mountain lovers who are always looking for new and exciting equipped paths. Eventually, we can say that the Vortex Rewind Pro is the right choice for those who want a functional set but also light and compact while the Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro is the non plus ultra for the most demanding users.

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