Click Up

Click Up

The Click Up is an innovative belay device developed especially for sport climbing. Easy to use, intuitive and safe, it is extremely lightweight and compact.

NEWS! Update on usable rope diameters.
Following the natural trend of the companies to produce thinner and lighter EN 892dynamic ropes, we decided to update the marking of our belay device Click Up. Several internal tests proved that Click Up works perfectly with single ropes Ø 8.6 mm. No modification has been carried out on the device, therefore all the Click Up already existing and sold can be used with single ropes from 8.6 to 10.5 mm.

It presents many advantages:
– you can feed rope quickly without jamming;
– it allows to arrest a fall simply by holding the free end of the rope in your hand;
– it operates without the need to act on levers and moving parts;
– it is absolutely safe: even in case of incorrect use of the device or incorrect rope insertion the notches present in the Click Up allow to arrest the fall of the climber.
– especially indicated for beginners and children because it is intuitive and error-proof.

The Click Up is supplied and must be used with the proper HMS Concept SGL HC carabiner with wear-proof anodization and spring bar that prevents the possibility of the cross loading.

– For use with ropes EN892: single rope ø 8.6 ÷ 10.5 mm
– Hot forged light alloy body – Weight : 115g
– UIAA – Patented and entirely Made in Italy

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